DNC Australia checks Phone & Fax numbers in Salesforce by washing them against the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) Do Not Call Register to enable organisations to easily comply with Australian telemarketing laws and focus on closing more deals.



  • Either check a record in real time before you dial, or schedule a batch run for bulk records.
  • Accesses donotcall.gov.au directly (no third party services)
  • Pre-filters numbers (within Salesforce) to reduce the number of washes on your donotcall.gov.au subscription
  • Default settings include standard Salesforce phone number fields on the Lead and Contact objects
  • Customisable – enables your Salesforce administrator to include additional custom fields on any object, to the list of fields being washed.
  • Flexible scheduling – hourly, daily, weekly scheduled batch checks of any standard or custom fields.
  • Allows multiple batches, for example to allow an hourly check of new leads, but a weekly check of older recycled leads.”

Download PDF: DoNotCallAustralia-ProductSheet